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Communicate is our job

Generate ideas

Listen & Ask … Think & propose

Create the model

Understand, draft & create

Design and Code

Connecting the look to the logic

Launch and Monitor

Test, deploy & improve

The company

Aidi-inc “Global” builds bigger and better IT solutions one day at a time. Aidi inc specializes in creating and launching business start-ups and opportunities. Aidi inc is a B2C, B2B, and B2G company that has successful records throughout all 3 business types.

Aidi inc was founded in 2012 by Hichem Aidi who has IT knowledge/support, marketing, graphic design, business development and analysis expertise provincially and internationally.

Since 2018, Aidi inc has created an on-demand multi-services APP “Swift Pros” that is capable of interchangeably adding and removing services to fit various areas’ requirements and markets. The APP is now fully functional and successful in Fort McMurray, AB and is ready to expand across more markets in the near future.

Swift Pros was developed after Hichem Aidi realized the need for it while operating his business “Property Maintenance” in Fort McMurray. He was able to create a successful and strong IT solution for his own company, with his own hands and a small team.

Serving our clients with:
  IT support

Providing our clients with:
  IT solutions
  Web design
  Graphic design.

Aidi inc is committed to exceeding industry standards and staying ahead of the ever-changing business environment.

The company portfolio



Business planning, brainstorming & market study.

Custom web based solutions to support business operations “every business is different, every solution is unique”.

Improve business methods & procedures to better stand against competition in a fast moving business environment.


Web development

Websites development

Web applications

Mobile applications

Mobile websites


Graphic design

Business cards

Design, print & deliver

Flyers & brochures

Design, print & deliver

Business identity

Design, print & deliver

Marketing material

Design, print & deliver


Shared advertising campaigns

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Featuring a fine selection of local retailers & service providers.

urban-houses edition

Featuring a fine selection of local businesses providing services & products related to houses.

urban-cars edition

Featuring a fine selection of local businesses providing services & products related to cars.

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